-Content Expert Andy Garbacz

This section includes resources associated with formative or summative information gathering tools that may be used to develop an understanding of patterns affecting behavior, inform intervention, or evaluate practices and outcomes.  The tools are focused at the individual, group, and systems levels.

Contextual Fit
Data Collection Tools
Fidelity Assessments
Functional Behavior Assessment
Other Assessments
  • Positive Environment ChecklistSpecialized Training Project, University of Oregon.  Assessment tool for evaluating physical environment, social setting, activities and instruction, scheduling and predictability, and communication supports (free).
  • Antecedent Analysis - LaVigna & Willis (1997).  Article in the Positive Practices newsletter describing methods to assess antecedent conditions affecting behavior that includes examples and tools (free).
  • Reinforcement Inventory - IABA (1993).  Preference assessments for children and adults developed as part of a Behavior Assessment guide.
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