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In this section you will find general resources on PBS within family lives, training resources for parents, and tools and guides.

It is important to acknowledge that family-focused PBS has the same core features as any other application.  These features include collaboration; individualized assessment-based intervention; proactive, educational, and functional support strategies; systems-level approaches that are focused on improving quality of life, and data-based decision making.

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Introducing Positive Behavior Support: Principles and processes of positive behavior support for improving children's behavior

Why is the Challenging Behavior Happening?, Holly Downs, Tom Tutton, and Meme Hieneman (Summer 2020) https://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?i=659960&ver=html5&p=14

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Supporting Family Needs: Family-focused approaches and articles on supporting parents' needs

A Glass Half Full: Parent Perspectives and Child Behavior, Meme Hieneman (Jan/Feb, 2014), pp.26-27.  http://parentingspecialneeds.org/article/471 http://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?i=192864&p=26

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Finding Your Moment of Parenting Zen, Tracy Raulston & Meme Hieneman (Nov/Dec, 2016), pp. 22-24.  http://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?i=357052#{"issue_id":357052,"page":22}

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Engaging Others in PBS: Team process and collaboration with schools and other organizations

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Proactive and Preventive Strategies: Strategies to prevent problems and prompt positive behavior

Establishing a Positive Family Structure, Meme Hieneman (2009, Nov/Dec) http://parentingspecialneeds.org/article/185 

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Responding to Behavior:Using consequences to encourage positive and discourage problem behavior

When Things Get Out of Control: Managing Escalating Behavior, Meme Hieneman & Milissa Yeagley (May/Jun, 2014) pp. 22-23. http://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?i=209911&p=22

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Challenging Routines: PBS to improve specific routines (e.g., sleep, meals, toileting, outings)

Let’s Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Meme Hieneman (Jan/Feb 2012) pp. 50-51. http://parentingspecialneeds.org/article/452

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Teaching Children Skills: Instructional methods for building skills to replace problem behavior an help children participate in daily interactions and routines

Making Learning Fun: Teaching Pivotal Skills, Jacoby Davani, Amy Sulger, Hana Jurgens, & Meme Hieneman (Jan/Feb, 2021, pp. 15-16.  https://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?m=13847&i=690735&p=14

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Talk with Me: Enhancing Communication through Natural Family Routines, Donna Wexler & Meme Hieneman (Sep/Oct 2013), pp. 56-57.  http://parentingspecialneeds.org/article/447


Building Independence through Self-Awareness and Regulation, Meme Hieneman & Monica Gilbert, (Jan/Feb, 2016), pp. 24-27.  http://magazine.parentingspecialneeds.org/publication/?i=288152#{"issue_id":288152,"page":24}

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PBS and Families

APBS Families PageResources for families including “Getting Started” document, articles, and stories from the field (free).

Positive Behavior Support in Family Routines – Hieneman, Raulston, & Strobel (2016).  Special Issue in Parenting Special Needs Magazine of PBS process with examples and illustrative videos embedded (free).

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Families: A Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support for Home and Community – Dunlap et al. (2017)  Comprehensive guide for professionals implementing PBS with children and families including examples and tools (for purchase).

Parenting with Positive Behavior Support: A Practical Guide to Resolving Your Child’s Difficult Behavior – Hieneman, Childs, & Sergay (2006).  Book for parents and other caregivers, guiding them through the PBS process to improve child behavior (for purchase).

Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for You and Your Challenging Child – Durand (2011).  Book for caregivers that addresses function-based interventions and cognitive-emotive strategies to support families (for purchase).

Helping Parents with Challenging Children: Positive Family Intervention –  Durand & Hieneman. (2008).  Curriculum to guide parents through PBS process, while also addressing thoughts and feelings through optimism training (for purchase).

Family Hope Program Guide/Parent Handbook: PBS for Families of Children with Challenging Behavior – King-Peery & Wilder (2011).  Practical books based on PBS principles to help parents develop behavioral interventions for children with disabilities in family homes (for purchase).

Guides, Tools and More

Positive Partnerships offers a wide range of recorded webinars for parents of children with Autism.  These webinars are free to access and can be accessed on demand.

AFIRM Modules – Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Topic-based modules linked to FPG’s evidence-based practices clearinghouse. Designed for families and practitioners working in early childhood/autism, but content is generalizable (free).

Family Routine Guide – Lentini & Fox, Center on the Social Emotional Foundations of Learning.  Guide to help families develop strategies to support typical daily routines.

Parent Plan Monitoring – Simple yes/no tool for parents to assess whether they are using different components of a behavior plan for their child.

Learn more how PBS can replace more punitive discipline practices for families in this brochure.

Check out this video about supporting families having to do distance learning from the San Juan Unified School District.

Click the website link to access a number of resources for planning and implementation.

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