Training and Systems

Training and Systems

This section includes resources related to teaching people to implement positive behavior support within the systems in which PBS is practiced.  The resources are intended for both professionals (e.g., direct support staff, administrators, other practitioners) and parents or other caregivers.

Systems-level PBS retains the same features described in other sections of this website, with these features being implemented at multiple levels:

Engaging multiple stakeholders through collaborative teaming

Conducting ongoing data-based decision making

Assessing variables that may be influencing behavior

Employing proactive, educative, and functional strategies

Emphasizing improving quality of life of individuals and the climate within systems

Effective systems provide appropriate training in PBS, tailored to the participants and circumstances in which practices will be used.  It involves clearly defining skills to be developed, using effective instructional strategies (i.e., examples, prompting, modeling, practice activities, and positive and corrective feedback) and ongoing monitoring to ensure effective implementation. 

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