What is Positive Behavior Support?

Positive Behavior Support

Positive behavior support is an approach to supporting people’s behavior in typical home, school, work, and community environments that combines the principles of applied behavior analysis, implementation science, and best practices from other human service fields. It is characterized by a commitment to collaboration; basing interventions on a thorough understanding of individuals and environmental influences affecting behavior; proactive, educative, and functional strategies; making decisions on the basis of objective information; and focusing not just on behavior change, but also improvements in quality of life.

Check out the amazing video by BUILD ‘An Introduction to PBS’ by clicking here.

Key Features of Positive Behavior Support

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Collaborative Team Process

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Data-Based Decision Making

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Multicomponent Plans

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Lifestyle and Systems Change

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Assessment of Contexts and Functions

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To learn about Multi-Teired System of Support for PBS in the Community Click Here.

This interactive tutorial provides an overview of individualized positive behavior support through three case studies. Learn about Tori, Manny, and Elliott’s experience with positive behavior support, listen to detailed narratives, and participate in brief quizzes to test your knowledge.


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