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Given the challenges families face in getting information and support with PBS (especially during this trying time), HCPBS is planning to host regular “family chats”, focusing on topics such as resolving specific concerns or improving daily routines. They will be in collaboration with Parenting Special Needs Magazine and will be offered online and live streamed. This will offer families an opportunity to receive information from nationally recognized experts for free.
If your organization is interested in cosponsoring (with us acknowledging you in our materials and during chats), please contact Kimberli Breen at

Upcoming Family Chat:

  • Why caring for yourself is important
  • What interferes with self-care
  • How to make self-care a priority

Below are links to materials that will be covered in this Family Chat session.

CGC Self Care Self Assessment Activity Compassion Fatigue Session

Prioritizing Self Care Family Chat PPT

SOS Prioritizing Self Care Resources

Information covered in this Family Chat video include:

  • Key features of Positive Behavior Support across a continuum
  • Roles family and school professionals play
  • Tips for collaboration
  • Successful strategies used by panel members

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What you will learn in this recorded Family Chat video includes:

  • How Positive Behavior Support can work for your family
  • Understanding your child’s behvior
  • How do we use it?
    • Being proactive
    • Teaching skills
    • Responding
  • Sharing and celebrating success.

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In this Family Chat Michele Gianetti talks about the importance of managing stress and emotions in our children by managing our own stress and emotion first.

We discuss easy takeaways we can all use NOW from graphics supplied to us by Greg Santucci.

Read the Article: You can find the graphics in the video or download them from the article “Tears, Fears, Masks, and More” in our current issue, which can be read here. [LINK] Current Issue Link:

This recorded Family Chat is all about how families can use Positive Behavior Support to create routines when going out and about with their children.

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In this video families share what was the most challenging things for them during the stay at home orders.  Tips and tools on how to thrive with sheltering place is provided.

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