The Home and Community Network of the Association of Positive Behavior Support (HCPBS) is dedicated to expanding and enhancing the application of PBS principles across home and community settings, contexts, and the lifespan for people with behavioral challenges (including intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health diagnoses and seniors who require memory care and other related services) and the systems that support them.  Our members include practitioners from a variety of disciplines and organizations and family members who support people with behavioral challenges.
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HCPSB Overview

HCPBS has four primary goals.  First, we work closely with APBS to ensure that home and community issues are a focus.  Second, we host webinars and support other training events.  Third, we share a variety of research-based information and practical resources through this website.  And fourth, we support our network in connecting with one another and sharing ideas.  See this graphic that summarizes our work: 

HCPBS Graphic

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See our annual report summarizing our network’s accomplishments and goals, as well as the results of our member survey: 

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