Adults and Aging

-Content Expert Scott Shepard and Jessica Zawacki

This section includes resources focused on implementing positive behavior support in settings where adults of all ages are supported with competitive and supported employment, in the home, and other places within the community.  Positive behavior support is essential to help people with behavioral challenges gain and retain meaningful employment, stable housing, and greater access to community resources. 

As with all applications of positive behavior support, practices must align with its core features including:

    • Collaboration with employers, coworkers, patrons, staff, families, and professionals
    • Assessing people's skills, work requirements, and other factors that could affect success
    • Comprehensive support plans that fit within and across settings
    • An emphasis on quality of life for all involved
    • Ongoing data-based monitoring to ensure success including job satisfaction and home life quality

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Employment Resources

Getting from Where I am to Where I Want to Be!  Bridges Version - For people to use when planning a transition in life.

SEARCH - This resource is dedicated to preparing young people with significant disabilities for success in integrated, competitive employment (free).

Supported Employment: Participant Training Manual - Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities and funded by the state of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities (2009).  This manual contains PBS, and other evidenced based positive supports, information intended to train support staff in providing practical strategies in the work environment when supporting adults with developmental disabilities (free).

Community Resources

Implementation Form for Staff - One-page tool for assessing whether proactive, instructional and reinforcement-based strategies are being used as designed by staff.

Behavior Support Plan Fidelity Checklist - Tool for evaluating consistency in implementation of components of comprehensive support plan.

Community Program Management Inventory - Hieneman, Yeagley, Agganis, Postma, & Crider (2014).  Checklist for assessing features of PBS within a community-based agency or program (free).

Community Self-Assessment and Action Planning Tool - Freeman, Hearst, & Anderson, Kansas Institute on Positive Behavior Support (2008).  Guide for engaging leadership team, assessing community resources and strengthening support related to PBS (free).

Daily Life

Right Science and Right Results: Lifestyle Change, PBS, and Human Dignity - Ann Turnbull and Rud Turnbull (2011).  Paper written by parents of an adult multiple disabilities and problem behavior to have the most inclusive life possible using PBS.  Includes practical applications for various community contexts including work (free).

Positive Environment Checklist - Specialized Training Project, University of Oregon.  Assessment tool for evaluating physical environment, social setting, activities and instruction, scheduling and predictability, and communication supports (free).

It's My Choice - Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities (2017) - A book of checklists and planning sheets for people to use to empower life decision making using positive supports (free).

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