Positive behavior support should maximize the strengths and autonomy of the people in need of support and their caregivers and staff.  The strategies selected should be relevant to assessments conducted and fit the settings and circumstances.  The ultimate value of any support practice is its impact on behavior and quality of life.

This Support section includes resources related to planning and implementing positive behavior support interventions.  It includes manuals, workbooks, case examples and stories, planning tools and templates, and other practical materials.  In addition, there are 2-3 page articles that have been adapted by HCPBS specifically for caregivers and support staff.  Click on the name of each resource below to be redirected to it.

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Included in this section are stories from the field.  They describe how PBS can be applied to improve people's lives.  While most of the stories include all of the features of PBS (support team collaboration, focus on quality of life, assessment of contexts and functions, multi-component plans, and data-based decision making); others may articulate certain aspects less clearly. Click on the name of each resource below to be redirected to it.

Stories from the FieldArticles for Caregivers

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