This Training section includes resources related to teaching people to implement positive behavior support.  The resources are intended for both professionals (e.g., direct support staff, administrators, other practitioners) and parents or other caregivers.  Included in this section are competency lists, training materials, and links to programs that provide training in positive behavior support.  See the What is PBS? and Presentations sections of this website for additional training resources. 

Effective training is tailored to the participants and circumstances in which practices will be used.  It involves:

  • clearly defining skills to be developed,
  • effective instructional strategies (i.e.., examples, prompting, modeling, practice activities, and positive and corrective feedback) and
  • ongoing monitoring to ensure effective implementation. 

Training in positive behavior support emphasizes values as well as procedures.  Click on the name of each resource to be redirected to it.

For Families and PBS Practitioners

Interactive Tutorial on Individual PBS – Hieneman (2017).  Online presentation with interactive features (e.g., quizzes) to introduce PBS using case examples (free).

AFIRM Modules – Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Topic-based modules linked to FPG’s evidence-based practices clearinghouse. Designed for families and practitioners working in early childhood/autism, but content is generalizable (free).  

APBS Standards of Practice Association for Positive Behavior Support (2013). Practice standards for PBS at the individual level. Applicable to any practitioner and helpful for families as a guide for what to expect in PBS (free).

Kansas Mental Health and Positive Behavior Support: Training Materials – KMHPBS (2013). Topic-based video modules and related awareness and application-level materials for family- and community-based PBS, including crossover with school-based support. Designed for practitioners, families, and other stakeholders (free).

Parenting Special Needs magazine: Special Issue – PSN (2017). An entire issue of this parent-focused online magazine dedicated to PBS in family routines. Designed as a guide for families to identify goals, analyze patterns of behavior, design and use strategies, and monitor progress (free).

Practiced Routines – Iris Ed – Iris Educational Media (2017). Video-based curriculum for improving child behavior in family routines. Designed for families and practitioners to learn assessment and proactive, teaching, and management strategies that fit their home and community circumstances (for purchase).

Helping Parents with Challenging Children: Positive Family Intervention –  Durand & Hieneman. (2008).  Curriculum to guide parents through PBS process, while also addressing thoughts and feelings through optimism training (for purchase).

For PBS Practitioners

AI Hub – Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. Information and materials to learn and apply Active Implementation as a framework for adopting evidence-based practices. Designed in education context but applicable to any organization (free).

AAIDD PBS Training Curriculum – Reid, Parsons & Rotholz (2015).  Curriculum to teach direct support staff and supervisors working with people with intellectual disabilities PBS principles (for purchase).

AAIDD/Relias Learning PBS online modules  Online training modules on PBS including topics such as supporting children, supervision, professional boundaries, and stress management (for purchase).

Direct Support Professional PBS Core Competencies (NYS) – New York State Talent Development Consortium (2014). Suggested competencies, skills, example tasks, and suggested time frames for development. Applicable to direct support professionals in PBS (free).

IABA Positive Practices in Behavioral Support Series – Lavigne, Willis, & Hughes.  Training on positive practices, FBA, reactive strategies, and provisions of quality services offered by the Institute for ABA (for purchase).

Oregon Positive Behavior Support Tool Kit – Website offering resources for behavior support providers and consultants that include person-centered planning, intervention templates, data collection tools and guides, and tips for effective behavioral consultation (free).

PBS Academy.  Website offering a competency framework, training and service standards, and other resources related to PBS (free).

Basic FBA to BSP – Portland State University.  Training series designed for school-based teams to guide completion of FBAs and BIPs that is relevant to community (free).

Practical Functional Assessment – Website containing information, videos, publications, and resources for practitioners regarding function-based treatments for children and adults with challenging behavior (free).

Graduate Training Programs in PBS

Northern Arizona University – graduate certificate in PBS

University of South Florida – graduate certificate in PBS

Training Consultation Services

Positive Behavior Consulting Training- Multiple services provided in PBS from training to consultation in the Virginia area.

Positive Behavior Support Consulting (NYC area)- Provides consultative services in PBS to schools and families in the New York city area.

Positive Behavior Supports Corporation Training- Multiple trainings offered in PBS based on professional area.