Early Childhood

This Early Childhood section includes resources focused on implementation of positive behavior support with young children (i.e., birth-5).  It covers applications in preschool programs and home-based intervention with families. 

Early childhood applications of positive behavior support embrace its features in that:

  • parent-professional partnerships are considered essential,
  • interventions are multi-component, assessment-based, and designed to fit within natural routines,
  • data are used to assess progress and
  • quality of life children, families, and other support providers is the ultimate goal. 

Within early childhood practice, there is a special emphasis, however, on developmentally appropriate practice and fostering the social-emotional growth that needs to occur for children within their early years of life.  Click on the resources to be redirected to them.

Resources for Practitioners:

National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations (NCPMI).  Site supporting a variety of resources (e.g., guides, teaching tools) for programs educating children birth to five to implement positive, effective early intervention (free).

Implementation Guide  – this checklist summarizes features of effective early intervention relevant to supporting children’s behavior.

Center on the Social and Emotional foundations for Early Learning Training Modules – This website contains resources and training modules for early intervention professionals.  Each training module was created from best practice and input from parents and educators (free).

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce for Young Children: The Early Childhood Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support – Dunlap, Wilson, Strain, & Lee (2013).  Guide for professionals working in preschool settings that includes CD-Rom of fillable forms (for purchase).

Resources for Families:

Family Engagement Resources.  NCPMI.  Variety of brief articles and educational resources for families that address behavioral support issues for young children divided into these sections: Making Life Easier, Backpack Connection, Family Articles, and Scripted Social Stories (Free).

Parent Training Modules.  NCPMI.  Training resources focused on relationship building, teaching in the context of play and daily routines, and understanding and addressing behavior – in English and Spanish (free).

Family Routine Guide – Lentini & Fox. Center on the Social Emotional Foundations of Learning.  Guide to help families develop strategies to support various daily routines including transitions, clean up, bathing, going shopping, etc. (free).

Practiced Routines PBS Program for Parents – Hieneman (2017).  Videos and training curriculum for teaching parents about function-based, comprehensive PBS published by IRIS Educational Media (for purchase).

PACER Center Champions for children with disabilities – A web resource with various publications on education and parental rights.  Many free PDF documents available and some items available for purchase (free and for purchase).